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Do trends make your house your home?

Updated: Apr 1

Happy 2024!

Just as in fashion, each new year brings in new trends for your home. This years trends are all about quiet luxury, bold colors and patterns, warm woods, maximalism but not too much, minimalism but not too little, texture, the color blue, vintage pieces, spa like details, bring the outdoors in, fluted details, curves, coffee bars, appliance garages and on and on. How does one incorporate these trends into their home aesthetic? What if you don't even know what your style is? How do we keep up with it all?

The answer is, we don't. The best thing about trends is they are a guide. There is no rulebook for style. There is no right or wrong in what makes you feel good about your home. Your style may be a combination of several styles, which is what makes your house your home. The trend I love the most is no trend at all. Your home should be a reflection of the people who live there and the things they love. Trends are merely ideas to update your space if you are looking for a refresh. A curated home takes time and finding the perfect piece is half the fun. Our house can only be our home if it reflects our authentic style, which could be no defined style at all.

If you are struggling with finding your perfect aesthetic, give us a call. Perhaps a fresh perspective is all you need to finally make your house your home.

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