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Calm Sea

What's all the buzz about cozy spaces?

Staging tips from Florida's Suncoast

Living near the beautiful white sand beaches on Florida's Suncoast, I've watched the cozy old Florida beachfront bungalows being replaced by huge homes and high rises. Gone are the charming little homes that made this area so quaint. Fortunately, there are still plenty of neighborhoods near the beach filled with Old Florida homes, that are cozy and give us the opportunity to get creative and utilize every inch. Vintage homes that invite us to combine old & new, finding new ways to reuse found items.

Open dining spaces that connect to the living spaces and function as a dining area, a homework station, a game night space or a home office. A place to gather and be a part of everything. Now more than ever, homes are a place we love to be in.

Modest baths that invite us to take found objects and repurpose them in fresh new ways that create charm and warmth and are unique to the people who reside there. Spaces that challenge us to prove we can live large while living small. Spaces that can feel luxurious and offer a serene escape even if they are not on a grand scale.

Cozy bedrooms that elicit a feeling of tranquility and calm, where less is more. Just because your home is modest or small does not mean that it can't enjoy big style. Smaller spaces take less to furnish, require less upkeep and are more budget friendly.

Personalized styling has become the newest way to generate interest in the segment of buyers flooding the market. Millennials are aging into home buying and value sustainability, comfort and casual living. Staging a home means not only creating a neutral space but appealing to the market that is buying now.

I have lived in larger homes but moving to a modest space forced me to get creative again, to live with only the things that bring me joy and to appreciate the sense of history that collected objects bring to a space.

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