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Not ready for a full-scale renovation? Think redesign!

Maybe a simple refresh is all you need.

Why redesign may be the perfect option for you.

What is re-design you ask? As a certified home stager and redesign professional, the differences vary greatly. When staging an occupied home, I create a neutral space that potential home buyers can see themselves living in. Staging is not always functional for the way we live but aims to merchandise your home to the greatest number of people. But as an occupied home stager, my specialty is utilizing what is already in the home to create a fresh space. Well, redesign works much the same way except I am using your furnishings in new and creative ways to freshen up and revitalize your space with your vision in mind. It is also a more budget friendly and conscientious choice.

Taking furniture from other rooms and repurposing them in new ways can really change the feel of a home. Changing artwork, pillows and accessories can also impact the space greatly. Redesign is all about incorporating your personal style using the pieces you love. I am a firm believer that our homes should reflect our style, filled with the collected pieces we love and that those pieces can work together in fresh new ways through redesign.

Go ahead and use that cabinet from your dining room as a dresser in your bedroom. How about taking that bar cart and using it as a vanity or in place of an accent table. Or take a vintage shelf and use it to showcase your vintage plates and glasses.

Dining cabinet reimagined as a bedroom dresser

Vintage shelf styled with vintage finds

Redesign is both a budget friendly and environmentally friendly alternative to a whole house redo. You will be surprised just how much making simple changes can really revitalize a space. Sometimes, you may want to invest in a few new pieces or accessories, but it will still be a more cost-effective solution. Paint and wallpaper are great options to completely enhance a room or rooms.

Repurposed bar cart idea.

Found objects are sometimes the best way to infuse a one-of-a-kind flair to your home. Get creative with your design choices. Our homes are a reflection of us and the people who live there. How you sell your home is very different from how you live in it. Redesign is a fabulous way of mixing things up without a complete overhaul.

Found driftwood reimagined as a chandelier

Is redesign an option for you?

If you want to create a new space using what you already have but are not sure where to start and are located in the Bradenton/Sarasota area, call me. Utilizing the things we already own is the part of my business I am most passionate about. You can book a free 15-minute discovery call to see if redesign is a good option for you. Just go to my website to book online.

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